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Want to try for baby.

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user1484404833 Sat 14-Jan-17 14:58:50

Hi this is a bit of a complicated one here. So I'll explain what I can. I want to try for a baby by the time I'm 25 (I'm 24 in July this year) so I suggested to my hubby to try the end of this year. He doesn't want to. Now I can't work out why. I have pcos and have been having unprotected sex with him at all times and never conceived previously. Also I've had a child from a previous abusive relationship when I was 17 (father ended up in prison for raping me after I finally split from him) I couldn't cope and put my child into care which thankfully he ended up living with his paternal grandmother. Had a lot of anxiety related issues at the time. My hubby has 3 children from a previous relationship also when he was a lot younger and only sees one of them as the mother took 2 and his mother has the other. Anyway, when having conversations with him he almost seems to want a child but other times he tells me how I had a child with who I was meant to have one with and obviously me and hubby aren't meant to have a child as we aren't compatible or whatever! I don't know where this leaves me is he being resilient because of my pcos or does he genuinly not want a child with me. I'm so stuck and lost and starting to have to fight the depression coming back as, might seem sad I've always felt my purpose for being was to be a mummy. I am very good with children very good mummy. I went through a breakdown which is why I put my child in care. But I really want to be a mummy again. I really do. Time isn't on my side. Any advice welcome. Please no bitter judging.

Hippychic79 Sat 14-Jan-17 16:01:48

Sounds like you've been through a lot and are still dealing with the issues around it. My advice would be to talk to a professional to work through your issues and then talk to your husband again.
No one should judge you - you did what was right for you at the time.
Sorry if this isn't very helpful
Good luck xxx

user1484404833 Sat 14-Jan-17 17:04:28

I've been considering it to be honest. No any advice is helpful so thank you. I know this is quite a long drafted thread and probably doesn't make a lot of sense to most people. It's hard to write it all out lol. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment. 😊

Oysterbabe Sat 14-Jan-17 17:09:55

What do you mean by time isn't on your side? If you've been having unprotected sex up to now I don't see how he can say he's against having a baby. Did you talk about children before you married?

user1484404833 Sat 14-Jan-17 18:08:37

I have pcos which is getting worse by the day and as I'm getting older it's obviously making me less fertile I meant. Sorry.

Hippychic79 Sat 14-Jan-17 18:15:55

Acupuncture may help Hun
And you're welcome -
Sounds like you've been through the mill a bit ... I'm 38 next week so don't worry about time xx

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