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Trying for #2 - mid cycle bleeding

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mrtumblesbagisspotty Sat 14-Jan-17 13:48:06

We've been trying for number 2 for about 16 months (DD1 was about 9/10 months when we first started). DD took about 2 years to conceive with assistance of clomid.

My cycle is very regular, always has been, until yesterday. I have a usual cycle of around 27-28 days and I generally ovulate between day 10 and 13. However this month I'm currently on day 13 of my cycle and I've started bleeding quite heavily.

Has anyone ever had this and successfully fallen pregnant again? I'm slightly worried I might be getting to the point where I'm too old to conceive again as I will be 41 this year. Just looking for some advice if anyone has experienced similar

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