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Is there a line or is my eyes deceiving me

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nicola2587 Sat 14-Jan-17 13:45:39

So I done a test yesterday but couldn't really see anything until I filtered it, first pic is normal second pic is filtered what do you all think? Xx

Libbyblue Sat 14-Jan-17 13:46:38

Yes there's a line

MrsK8541 Sat 14-Jan-17 13:47:22

I can see a line too

nicola2587 Sat 14-Jan-17 13:49:06

Thanks smilewasn't sure, going to try another one in a couple of days to be sure xx

endofacentury Sat 14-Jan-17 14:40:19

I can see one on the second pic 🙂

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