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Feeling frustrated - already?

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Sshsecretenclosed Fri 13-Jan-17 18:52:19

Feeling quite strange today. All my twenties I've tried NOT to get pregnant and now it seems all I want is to BE pregnant.

Just come off pill and felt really hopeful that I might have a bit of a kick start happening. EWCM for last three days and High fertility on clear blue dual ovulation. Today even though it says high, I have no stretchy discharge and a standard OPK done tonight has not even a hint of a second line.
I just feel that I'm so early in but yet I'm so desperate already. There's no way I can conceive whilst feeling like this but how do you all relax?!?

Kaydee2017 Fri 13-Jan-17 21:57:42

Hi shhh, I'm in a similar position to you and for all I told myself I'd just see how it went for the first few months, once you've decided TTC, it's almost impossible.

First think post pill I think is to accept that things may take a while to get back up & running, so your first cycle might be a long one and things might not go exactly as they should straight away, quite a few ladies on here have had 50+ day ones!

After week 3 of no EWCM or any real noticeable changes, i got my head ready for a long one, and settled down for the ride! I have incidentally just got my first proper post pill AF on CD33, and that was a big relief, but I think taking the stress off myself mentally maybe helped with that!

Good luck grin

delilahbucket Fri 13-Jan-17 22:31:06

My ewcm ceases when I actually ovulate. The clear blue predicts my ovulation to the day, whereas the opks only go positive two days before ovulation.
All these tests and monitoring that you are doing is overkill. You have just come off the pill. Give your body a few months to settle. It can actually take up to a year for your body to find a routine again. Ditch the tests and just dtd throughout your cycle. Don't complicate matters so early on.

Sshsecretenclosed Fri 13-Jan-17 22:37:06

Delilah I think that's some great advice right there! I'm stressing myself out already. Kaydee it's good to hear of someone in same position. Maybe it best to just go with the flow and hope that things happen!

MilleniumTalcum Fri 13-Jan-17 23:10:28

I came off the pill in October. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant. First month was awful. On tenterhooks waiting for Af or Bfp and the pill leaving my system made me feel very pregnant (I've already had one son, I'm 26 now). Coincidentally the next month, after my first natural af I didn't have any symptoms besides PMS type ones and I got my BFP. No idea when u ovulaTed as I think sometimes testing for it adds to the stress and sex just becomes a bit chore like. We just used the Ovia app which helps you chart and guess at it using cycle length and symptoms etc. It obviously did quite well grin (we dtd every day during my fertile window, though that's not necessary!).

Good luck flowers it's really hard but try to leave as much as you can stand to nature at first? It helps relax a bit about the dates and sex for some people. (Although when my DP suggested he might go out on the first night of one fertile window I "gently" reminded him that we had bigger things to attend to) wink

MilleniumTalcum Fri 13-Jan-17 23:11:18

When *I ovulated. Sorry grin

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