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First time pregnancy confused with dates and scared!

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cara5674 Fri 13-Jan-17 15:05:21

In shortfall I found out I was pregnant last night and am now absolutely terrified and even more confused.

I was with my partner for 2 and a half years however we broke up at the beggining of December, it was a long time coming and needed to happen. Stupidly after becoming close friends again, I slept with my ex/friend (December 14th and again on December 26th) and after realising what a hug mistake id made, then slept with my ex/partner on New Year's Day.

I last had a period starting on 30th November and it finished on December the 8th. After being late on I did a clear blue test last night which read 1-2 weeks.

I've been getting cramps all this past week and after speaking to a friend, she seems to think that's something attaching and is most likely to be my long term partners baby.

I am so confused and where me and my long term partner were just getting back on track this could change everything. I was so stupid to do what I did and have no excusesad

I do have an appointment with Marie stopes next Friday but obviously need to start deciding what I might do, is there any way it could be my most recent partners?

Ilovecaindingle Fri 13-Jan-17 15:10:37

Day 1 of your cycle was 30th Nov. .
Ovulation was likely around day 14 if your cycle is usually 28 days.
This would tell me you likely conceived with the ex on the 14 th of December. .

confusedat23 Fri 13-Jan-17 18:51:47

I agree with pp if you normally have a 28 day cycle it is most likely to be your Ex/Friend

haveacupoftea Sun 15-Jan-17 13:00:23

If your last period started on 30th november, it would presumably have been due around the time of new years day, meaning you were already pregnant by then.

Cramps dont necessarily mean something is attaching, cramps are normal throughout pregnancy.

NeverGoOutOfStyle Sun 15-Jan-17 13:11:58

If your cycle is 28 days and the first day of your last period was November 30th, your 'fertile window' would have been from the 10th to the 15th of December. Unless your cycle is really long (45+ days) or you ovulated really really late, you more likely got pregnant on the 14th of December, than the 26th or 31st. I think there's a really really slim chance that the baby is your partners, the dates do make it seem much more likely that it is your ex/friends baby.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Jan-17 16:00:08

When was your period due? How long are your cycles normally?

McBaby Sun 15-Jan-17 16:06:39

I think it is too close between them to tell.

If clearblue is saying 1-2 weeks then you are 3-4 weeks pregnant.

This means you will have cooncieved 7-14 days ago (approx). Therefore New Year's Day would be 14 days ago, but as sperm can live for up to 5 days it could also be 26th Dec.

NeverGoOutOfStyle Sun 15-Jan-17 23:43:09

Just to add, try taking the clearblue again in the morning. When I was pregnant I took one Clearblue in the evening and got a 1-2 week conception indicator (3-4 weeks pregnant) and in the morning I took another and got 3+ (5+ weeks pregnant, I was 5+4 when I miscarried so it was right) so take it again with your first wee of the day and see what it says then.

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