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Reading Ovulation sticks!

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Alicejj8x Fri 13-Jan-17 11:53:43

Just wondering if someone could help me please!!!
From the 6th jan I've been getting 2 lines come up on my ovulation tests.. when I say two lines... one being darker than the other ( which i have read and been told they have to be of the same colour to know ovulation is happening ) some days the test line is dark some days it's faint but hasn't ever been as dark/ darker than the control line... is this a sign that ovulation is going to happen soon? As the apps I've got told me I wild ovulate 8th jan and another says the 11th jan ( which I got 2 lines but one faint)...
my periods are irregular and have recently been for a scan but everything showed as normal!
I'm just wondering will my ovulation be later due to irregular periods ? I'm taking a conception pregnecare tablet which I've heard from a few people pushed there ovulation date back!
Since the 2 lines we have been Baby dancing jjst to be sure ?
Can anyone please give advice. Thankyou! X

delilahbucket Fri 13-Jan-17 12:14:10

For an ovulation test to be positive both lines need to be the same colour or the test line darker than the control line (NOT the other way round). You need to be testing late morning and/or mid afternoon.
When you get a positive it means your body is gearing up to ovulate within 1-3 days. It does not guarantee it will happen.
When you say irregular, how irregular do you mean? Mine range from 26 to 32 days. Stress is the biggest factor in delaying ovulation. I also found that taking Pregnacare lengthened my cycles so I stopped it.

Alicejj8x Sat 14-Jan-17 22:14:27

Yes sorry I got them confused lol

I've been having 2 lines for over a week now but never being as dark as each other!!

I had a period In September and then from September 13th ( day I stopped)-28th December I didn't get a period. Prior to September period I didn't have one since May!
I did have a MC in April and then stoped the pill Dec 2015! So literally got pregnant within weeks of stopping the pill so I think my body hasn't had a chance to get into a cycle. Ive recently had a scan and bloods and everything has come back normal.

I've heard about pregnecare delayinf cycles but then also have heard a lot of people and friends getting pregnant within a month of using it...

Jjst hoping that ovulation will happen or if I've missed it hope I've BD enough lol. Thanks for your response

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