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Late period, negative pregnancy test.

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StaceyRavis Fri 13-Jan-17 01:39:27

First time posting on mumsnet! smile Am just after some advice/reassurance really.. I came off of my contraceptive pill almost 7 months ago and I am now exactly 2 weeks late for AF. This is the first time I have had a late period in years and years, I am normally very regular (28 day cycle) I have done 3 home pregnancy tests but all saying negative. I have been feeling very emotional lately and am almost constantly hungry! (rumbly belly) but I initially put that down to just recently starting a nightshift job? (8pm - 8am 2 nights a week) hmm
I have never been pregnant before so have nothing to compare with. I have a gp appointment in 10 days time. It's playing on my mind! I would be very happy to be pregnant smile Any advice or info would be really appreciated. Tia girls! flowers

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