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Terrified of not being able to conceive - anyone else?

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MrsG30 Thu 12-Jan-17 23:21:11


I'm new here and at my wits end. I have an unfounded and irrational phobia that I may not be able to conceive. There isn't much reason why I shouldn't be able too, but none the less, I'm terrified. I've been on the pill in the past (off it now for 3 months, I've never been that good at taking it, yet in 6 years we've never had an 'accident'?) I have regular periods and track when I'm ovulating (i get ovulation pain and track my periods with an app)

My DH and I have decided to start trying in a few months once we move house (I've been ready for kids for quite a while!) but I just can't see myself getting pregnant, I can't imagine myself pregnant or being a mum.

It's really starting to stress me out and I'm not sleeping well due to worrying about it (I know, I know I'm being silly). I've tried talking to dh about it but he just says 'I think we'll be fine! So-and-so got pregnant straight away!)

I feel like an absolute freak worrying about this so much. Please tell me I'm not alone?

Spam88 Thu 12-Jan-17 23:42:46

I had similar worries about the fact that I was never particularly good at taking my pill yet never got pregnant, but we actually conceived quite quickly once I came off the pill smile if your periods are regular then it's pretty safe to assume you're ovulating and so you shouldn't have any problems smile

Hippychic79 Fri 13-Jan-17 05:54:19

I think it's totally normal to worry but do not entertain the fact that it won't happen. A huge part of succeeding at anything is getting your mind on board and believing that what you want will happen.
I've always been a worrier and suffer with bouts of anxiety- so I've done a lot of reading about mindfulness, meditation and affirmations ... I would recommend meditation to help you relax and the baby making bible by Emma cannon is a good book to read to help with the whole trying to conceive thing.
Good luck xxx

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