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AF due today and cramping desperate for BFP!!

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sparksalot Thu 12-Jan-17 10:36:25

Hi Guys

Probably just clutching at straws here but... I'm on cd29 af is due today, nothing yet. However I am having awful painful cramp, backache and extreme fatigue which I never really get. I have been cramping pretty much since ov'd on cd15. Today is really bad

I do know that cramping can be a sign of either pregnancy or af as I had it myself last year (had a mmc in September hence the desperation). I'm planning on testing at the weekend if af doesn't come before then.

I am hoping for some positive responses on painful cramping and similar symptoms before bfp's! Or just some general support smile

TurquoiseDress Thu 12-Jan-17 10:45:38


I have my fingers crossed for you! Had a MMC last summer (before yours) and I too can feel the desperation rising as we have been TTC for almost 6 months now and nothing.

On CD27/28 or 29- not sure as I temporarily deleted my Ovia app...just to see whether not checking or calculating anything would make a difference this month!

Just found out that a good friend is pregnant, husband told me- surprised how it made me feel, jealous mainly! I feel bad as they have been trying for over 2 years and they had their first IVF appointment last month.

Happy for them but desperately wishing it might be us too this month!

Sending you virtual hugs

sparksalot Thu 12-Jan-17 11:13:23

Hi Turquoise.

Thanks for responding. Im trying not to turn into crazy ttc lady but im afraid its too late! I have thought about deleting Ovia too but I think i wouldn't know what to do with myself If I did.

We started ttc again in November so this will be 3 months for us. I know its still early days but not when you feel the way we do. I turned 35 in December time is not on my side.

I can completely relate to you when it comes to seeing other pregnancy news. Everytime I see somone I know announce the news I feel a pang of hatred and jealousy (a work friend is actually due today) I just cant help it.

Fingers crossed for both of us xx

sparksalot Thu 12-Jan-17 11:28:01

Well I think I spoke too soon. AF is here. Better luck next time. Fingers crossed for you xx

TurquoiseDress Thu 12-Jan-17 12:44:09

Hi Sparks
Sorry to hear that this month wasn't to be for you.

I turned 38 shortly after the MMC, and of course now the pressure is raised because of that and just the general feeling of desperation wanting to be pregnant again following a loss.

Looking back to last summer, before I had the dating scan and finding out the bad news, things were so different...
I felt a sense of relief that I would have baby no.2 (and probably last one) at the age of 38 and there would be no need to worry about conceiving as I got older. Seems like all that has come back to hit me in the face!

I try to hang onto positives- like the fact that I became pregnant straight away in my previous pregnancies (LO turns 3 soon) at the age of 34 and 37.
But I had a sneaking sinking feeling when I learnt of the MMC, that things would not be as easy this time.

And so here we are.

Fingers crossed for us all!

sparksalot Thu 12-Jan-17 14:27:57

Thank you.

Just had a cry in the loos at work. I hate this feeling probably af hormones too.

I found out about the mmc at 11 weeks had a small bleed. I cried for weeks. I just had no idea how hard this was going to be for us. I feel like we've left it too late and it will never happen.

We dont have any children yet and I have a few family members who are pregnant at the moment which makes it so much harder, they have no idea.

Anyway i will try not to dwell on this too much and look forward to fertile week and trying again!!

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