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Somebody please reassure me? Re trying to concieve

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Lill997 Thu 12-Jan-17 09:16:03

I was on the pill for about 16/17years, stopped taking it at the end of October. I've had 2 periods since then each on a 29 day cycle and was hoping I may be pregnant this month but have just started my period again. This will be the third since stopping the pill.

Does this mean I may have fertility problems or can it just take some time after coming off the pill having been on it so long? Am a little worried now I will admit.

ricepolo Thu 12-Jan-17 09:18:50

Not at all! I took 6m coming off the pill to even ovulate..

No need to worry until it's been 12m (if you're under 35) or 6m (over).

Do you know when you ovulate and are you therefore timing it right? Your luteal phase (time between O and period) may also be a bit short for implantation at the minute due to the pill (it should be at least 12 days). If that's the case time and/or a herb called Agnus Castus can help.

Lill997 Thu 12-Jan-17 13:16:23

I am not totally sure, I have been keeping track of period length and cycle length on an app on my phone!!

Ria95x Thu 12-Jan-17 13:21:24

Hello! I was worried while trying to conceive with my second as it was a good year of trying before falling pregnant after being on the pill after having my son, i think it may just take time for everything to get back to normal and you could always have a chat with your doctor if its worrying you as they may be able to reassure you or look in to it further to check everythings normal? Whats the saying about quality before quanitity? Maybe take a more relaxed approach and things might happen?? 😀😀

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