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IUD troubles!

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angelstarx Wed 11-Jan-17 14:06:08

Hey ladies!
I gave birth on june 4th 2016, normal birth.
I have the Mirena coil since Septemeber 15th 2016.
ever since i have it i have been getting my period every two weeks and it lasts 11-15 days.
sometimes the first day will be very light and then every day after that will be very very heavy, after about 5 days it starts to look like its stopping and then it starts all over again.
It's so heavy sometimes that it will soak through a pad in 20 minutes resulting in my ruining alot of clothes and underwear!
i have been getting hot flushes a lot and sometimes i have a high temp, i wake up every night sweating and gasping having to down an ice cold pint of water and then find it very hard to go to sleep then.. alot of the time ill have to change my clothes from sweating so much, (i have tried every anti-persperaint out there) even if i sleep naked or without a heavy blanket its always the same..
I can have sex comfortably and my partner says he cannot feel the coil (its still in place my doctor has checked) but alot of the time ill bleed after sex,
my period pains have reduced but when i do get them they as bad as the pain i felt at the end of my labour (keeping in mind i had no pain relief during labour and will take anything i can while on my period)
I get headaches and dizzy spells a lot also.
I have been to the doctors but she just keeps telling me to wait for another few months to see if it settles.
I can deal with all the problems its causing but i would rather not.
Im only 17 (18 soon) so I don't want another baby for a long time and the coil is defiantly working for that purpose but im going through hell!!
has anyone else had this issue ??
i have gotten alot of breakouts since i got the coil.. but i put that down to change in my diet.. any suggestions on what to do/try??

angelstarx Wed 11-Jan-17 14:20:21

I have also gotten blood tests to rule out low iron and thyroid problems

bassetmum Wed 11-Jan-17 14:56:37

Don't have much to say except go to your drs and ask for it out it doesn't sound like that coil is suiting you at all

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