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First period after birth control?

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Bubblegum89 Wed 11-Jan-17 11:25:26

I came off birth control on 10th December. I had a fairly heavy withdrawal bleed four days later that lasted two days. My first proper period is due today and I've been having cramping and brown spotting since yesterday which is coming and going. I originally went on birth control when I was younger due to having such heavy painful periods and even on the pill (and the implant for the first 9-10 months at least) my periods were normal flow with about 2 days of constant cramping. So obviously I was expecting at least to have a medium flow once I came off b/c.

I was recently told after an ultrasound that it appears I have scarring on my uterus from PID that I had about 18 months ago. After reading up on this, I found that the most common sign of this was very light periods or no periods at all however I had my implant inserted at the time and although I had a lot of bleeding for quite a few months, it eventually tailed off into much lighter bleeding that sometimes only required a tampon on day one so it's been hard to gauge what was causing the lighter periods. I had the heavy withdrawal bleed but now I'm panicking that the scarring might be worse than I thought as my actual period doesn't seem to be appearing and I'm only getting old blood.

Is it normal to have very light, scant brown blood for the first period after coming off b/c? I just imagined in my head that it would be really heavy but maybe (hopefully?!) I'm wrong?

Ashleigh9917 Wed 11-Jan-17 13:04:02

Everyone is different so there probably isn't a set 'normal' to gauge by.

When my first period came in it was horrendous, other half wanted to take me to hospital in the end. I was wearing 2 sanitary towels at a time and was soaking them completely. I went through about 4 packs of them in a weekend (we were away fri-mon).

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