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TTC, irregular cycles, emotional roller coasters

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randomacts Wed 11-Jan-17 02:42:37

Hi guys I'm new here. Just thought I would join as I feel I have no where else to turn. A little bit about me:
I'm 28, no children, married for almost 2 years in May. Both employed. We've been trying for a child since May and live in Devon.

We've haven't had a positive yet despite my sister fell pregnant very quickly with her son 3 years ago as did my brothers wife and have birth to her son a week ago and he's 2 months premature.

I was on cerazette for around 4 years. When I came off it I had to wait 6 weeks for s withdrawal bleed. Then my periods were ok. But come October I waited another 6 weeks until I had a period. I did around 4 pregnancy tests and a blood test all negative. Period came so I thought "onwards and upwards".

I'm now a week late. 1 neg test and extremely hormonal. My anxiety is through the roof. I'm so emotional I've never been like this since we started to try. Granted yes I was becoming upset with most women around me getting pregnant and I wasnt. I like to usually think positive. I try to turn negatives into positives as much as I can but being hormonal with no period or no positive test is driving me insane.

When I was last this in November with negative tests and negative blood tests I was given some tablets to reset my body so to speak. But I couldn't take them as they were playing on my depression. A week or so later AF arrived.

Now I've got the same situation again but I'm more emotional. I'm very up and down, easily upset have back pains and cramps. When do I go back to see my GP? How and when do they test for something wrong as this is the second time in a row I've had irregular periods now and I'm frightened something is wrong.

I don't generally feel stressed by having irregular period is making me think something is wrong as it's 8 months since we've been trying and we haven't had a hint of a positive line on a test.

If someone could help I would appreciate it as right now I feel like I've got nowhere to turn

Ashleigh9917 Wed 11-Jan-17 13:31:56

It can take around a year for your body to get back to normal after coming off contraception, I believe.

I doubt the Dr's will do do tests at this stage, 2 irregular periods within the first year after coming off is probably not considered unusual, and you've probably been lucky to get so regular straight away/had a much more regular time than a lot of people, AF can be all over the place at first. That being said, if you are concerned, maybe book an appointment with the nurse at your practice to discuss it and see what they say?

The Dr's don't normally get involved in TTC until you have been trying for a year - and I've been told 6 months if over 35 - but I want just before xmas (we are 35/37) and my Dr said they wont do anything until we have been trying a year and I have to go back in February if nothing has happened by then.

8 months isn't really that long, although it feels like it is. Everything I've read online says it takes a young healthy couple around a year on average to conceive. If in that scenario you have around a 25% change of getting PG each month apparently.

i hope it sorts itself out for you and you get your BFP quickly.

lexilou86 Wed 11-Jan-17 16:47:11

Last month I was late- by a week and half- i'm always really regular, was crying all the time and convinced I was pregnant, kept getting BFN's didnt understand and then came my AF- I think its your body just playing around with u- because you want it, you are probably stressed about it self consciously that may delay everything. fX im wrong and it you get your BFP- a few ppl have gone well over missed AF before they get anything.

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