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Old Wives Tales advice when TTC

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HopingForALittleOne Tue 10-Jan-17 23:05:00

Hello, i am going to TTC for first baby this month and interested in any old wives tales you were told/heard that would help you to conceive. Also interested in hearing if you tried any of them xxxsmile

HopingForALittleOne Wed 11-Jan-17 22:16:10

I've heard eating pineapple/ pineapple core after ovulation for five days helps - has anyone done this? X

Oysterbabe Wed 11-Jan-17 22:27:33

I conceived on honeymoon and I pretty much drank pinacoladas all day which contain pineapple juice. It obviously works 😂

HopingForALittleOne Wed 11-Jan-17 23:11:38


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