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Ovulation help please!!

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unimamma91 Tue 10-Jan-17 22:06:31

Hi everyone,
Just looking for a bit of advice please, the photos below are my OPKs from yesterday and today. The one on its own is yesterday, the 2 are one from this morning (the one I think I positive) and the next one is from this evening.
I came off the pill around Christmas time.
I had a bleed then what I believe to be my period around 28th.
I am new to TTC, my first pregnancy was unplanned. I tried around 7 months ago and got so disheartened I wentered back onto the pill.
We DTD last night. By the OPK does it look like I've already had the chance to conceive of will DTD tonight and tomorrow still make help? I'm confused as tonight's OPK was clearly negative.
Thank you in advance for any help!!😊😊

Roseandbee Tue 10-Jan-17 22:18:23

It wouldnt hurt to DTD, personally I'd continue with the OPKs as you may find you get another positive, as sometimes you can get a few LH surges as for some reason you don't ovulate the first time.
I'd say your positive could possibly be a negative, as possibly its a shade lighter than the control line. This cycle i've been getting positive OPKs on an off for about 8 days

unimamma91 Tue 10-Jan-17 22:50:38

OPKs on and off for 8 days?! That would send me insane. I'm so inpatient, especially after TTC last time and it not happening.
Thank you for your advance I never thought that it could possibly be a negative. I will keep doing OPKs 😊

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