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Long cycle, do I keep waiting?

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Fourbyfour Tue 10-Jan-17 20:25:10

In December I had my standard 31 day cycle and af (without accompanying pain for the first time ever). However, I'm now on cd34 this cycle and still no af nor any of my usual signs.

We've spent quite a lot on tests the last few months so don't really want to fork out but I assume I should if still no sign in a few days.

We recently dtd Cd 31 of last cycle and cd1 of this cycle (before af came). This cycle we only dtd cd31. So it would be very odd if we had conceived!

All I can do is wait, isn't it? I'm not patient at all

randomacts Wed 11-Jan-17 02:47:14

Hello, I'm new here and recently did a post about irregular cycles. I came off the pill last May and had ok cycles. In October I waited 2 weeks with no period and no symptoms until I saw a doctor. He said to wait a further two weeks which I did and then I had a blood test with doing 3 tests inbetween. Week later my results were back and nothing was found. Did another test still no period and had to take some tablets to restart my period which interfered with my MH. I was told if my period didn't come back in 6 months to go back to the doctor! Eventually it did but I'm a week late again! I'm gonna give it another week until I go back. So frustrating. I hope this helps x

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