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How do I get over the fact I won't be having another baby?

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MummysMaison Tue 10-Jan-17 18:59:02


I'm married to a great man and have 2 DDs from a previous relationship. Before I met my DH I suffered from 4 miscarriages so never quite got my 3rd baby that I always wanted.

Unfortunately for me my DH had previously had a vasectomy so he cannot have children without medical intervention/donation.

I always thought it would be something that we would talk about in a few years etc etc. One day we had an argument and he said that he definitely didn't want anymore children.

It was hard to accept and has take me a long time to get over. I grieve the loss of my 4 babies and as my DDs get older I feel the need for another baby even more. I am a very maternal person.

My main reason for posting is to ask how I stop myself from constantly thinking about something I can't have? I go months thinking I'm finally ok with it but then it comes back and stabs me in the heart. I know I am lucky and I have my 2 girls, I just feel like my life isn't quite complete just yet.

Dolwar Wed 11-Jan-17 22:29:35

Why don't you offer to provide respite care?

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