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Two v early miscarriages

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HazyDays81 Tue 10-Jan-17 07:57:41

Hi all. I'm new to these boards & just wondered if anyone had any advice about early miscarriages/chemical pregnancies. I already have 2 DS & conceived without difficulty. We have been trying for our third for 4 months. The first month I got a BFP but had a early miscarriage at 4+4. This month (our fourth month of trying) I had another BFP but this again resulted in an v early miscarriage at 4+5. I guess I just want some reassurance if anyone is in a similar position. Thanks all x

emily86 Tue 10-Jan-17 08:26:57

Hi. I don't have any advice to offer I'm afraid but I was just wondering, how soon after your chemical pregnancies did you get a negative test? I think I've just had a chemical straight after my third MC.

I hope you have a successful pregnancy soon.

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