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Is there an IVF support thread?

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Divorcingjack Mon 09-Jan-17 16:45:27

Hi all,

I'm about a week into my first IVF cycle to TTC #2 after being diagnosed with secondary infertility sad Anyone wise in the same boat and want to chat? Or is there a dedicated IVF thread?

I'm pretty terrified and could do with some support. It's so hard when no-one in real life apart from DH knows that we're going through this.


MoosicalDaisy Mon 09-Jan-17 16:47:47

Same boat except i'm almost 3 weeks into my 2nd attempt. Not sure if there's a dedicated IVF board actually, I usually just lurk! You can ask me anything you like.

HollyMay84 Mon 09-Jan-17 17:00:20

Hi dj you can have a look on the infertility threads, there are quite a few threads on there about ivf 😊

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