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Am I pregnant?

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user1483914724 Mon 09-Jan-17 12:55:00

Hey ladies, I am currently 11dpo CD26. Me and my boyfriend decided last month that we would try for a baby. So this month I was due to ovulate on 29th Dec but only had sex 6 days before then & 3 days after (1st Jan CD17). So haven't actually done it on the day of O so am pretty sure I am out for this month. But then I've been reading that it is possible ahhh. Then this week I have had such sore boobs - much more sensitive and noticeable than usual, vivid dreams about being pregnant, being very restless during my sleep, lower back pain which I've never had before, a dull ache in my ovaries, been very windy (lol) which i don't usually suffer with! And I'm sure i have felt heartburn at some point. So it's now CD26 (11dpo) and am now having period type cramps that come and go (worse when I lie down) so trying not to get my hopes up as probably AF making a slight early arrival (have another 3 days according to my app) but it feels slightly different to period pains - I've had the usual dull ache but also pinching pains that made me stop in my tracks and say ouch out loud!! I just don't know if it's all in my head- time will tell, guess I will test at the weekend when I'll be 2 days late! xx

confusedat23 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:02:06

Hi, My advise would be that if you have not done an OPK to see exactly when you would ovulate it is possible you coud have OV'd at anytime! I would wait until 14 days after last possible date of conception and if AF has not arrived by then you should test smile

user1483914724 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:28:34

Okay thanks for the advice, I will try and hold off testing until then, it's so hard to wait isn't it! X

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