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Could I be Pregnant?

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sammyg2506 Mon 09-Jan-17 10:49:20

Me and my Husband have been trying for a baby, My last period ended the 7th of nov, so I have now missed 2, but have done around 10 tests and have all come back negative. I have never been pregnant before so don't know what it feels like but I have been experiencing cramping and have been bloated, and am starting to get really nauseas. I Am new to my area so am waiting to finish registering with the doctors before I can book an appointment but was just wondering whether I could actually be pregnant or there is another reason I've stopped my periods and am feeling so crappy?

WantingBaby1 Mon 09-Jan-17 11:05:10

I'd suggest going to your GP as soon as the registration is completed - surely if you phone up you can get an appointment ASAP despite the registration not having been completed yet?

The home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate these days, and judging by the date of your last period you'd be around 9 weeks now, so it's likely that a pregnancy would show up on the tests if you were pregnant. Are you doing the tests with first morning urine? This is the most accurate way.

Have you recently stopped the pill? That can cause havoc with cycles.

Good luck.

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