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TTC #1 11 DPO BFN :( AM I OUT?

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Stewart2016 Mon 09-Jan-17 09:23:55

Good Morning beautiful ladies!
needing some words of re-assurance this trying to conceive business is so stressful! here is some back ground:
i am now 11 dpo i used the cb digital ovulation kit and showed a smiley face the afternoon 29th December 2016.. so we BD as soon as we saw it and then the days after. we did BD all through xmas.. but hubby went away 27th Dec for 2 days so couldn't BD anymore.
i did feel instant cramps after BDing on 29th but i'm putting that down to still ovulating. I've had no symptoms what so ever though haven't had any cramps or anything.. however i've had the worse gas for the last week i have ever experienced and have a really sore lower back more towards my left side though more of a niggling pain if thats anything? i woke up this morning feeling really sick which is strange.. but its probably in my head! i have noticed that my CM has dried up which i'm assuming isn't a good sign sad

its only my second month TTC after coming off the pill i know its still early days but i'm so impatient!

has anybody had similar symptoms had BFN but sill had their BFPS after!
my luteal phase is 14 so shall be expecting AF on thursday sad

Imogen xx

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