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Cervical mucus

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MrsBosh Sun 08-Jan-17 12:56:33

A lovely topic for Sunday, I know!

I'm TTC#1, cycle 1 after pill, CD10. I'm trying to check my CM to help predict rough ovulation day. Chosen not to use OPKs and don't want to become obsessed (can see that easily hapening!)

Firstly, is cervical mucus the same as the discharge you get in your knickers throughout the month? I keep reading about needing to test by inserting a finger? Is this the only way to do it or can I just check my pants?

Sorry for the probably straightforward Q. Can anyone help a newbie out, please?

CupofTeaTime Sun 08-Jan-17 15:46:45

You need to insert a finger I'm afraid!

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