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Sterilisation reversal

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user1483825763 Sat 07-Jan-17 21:55:54

Hi, my first time on here so hope I'm doin it right. I was sterilised 10 years ago, I'm now 34 nearly 35 my new partner and I want a baby and we are saving the £4000 to have it reversed. My tubes were cut and tied and just wondered if anyone had any success with a case like this

Wonkydonkey44 Sun 08-Jan-17 08:31:06

Yes me ! My now 4 year old is sitting beside me currently x

user1483825763 Sun 08-Jan-17 16:31:55

Great!!!! How long had u been sterilised? X

Wonkydonkey44 Sun 08-Jan-17 16:47:33

Probably about 8 years at least . I went to a surgeon in Doncaster and went to the private hospital there. Have blood tests etc first to make sure your ovulating ok before embarking on this op .
I didn't realise what a big op it was x

user1483825763 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:24:01

Really?? Op much bigger than the initial sterilisation?? X

Wonkydonkey44 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:14:49

Yes I thought it would be key hole the same , no I was cut hip to hip. Almost like a c-section . Take a couple of weeks off after x

user1483825763 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:42:45

That's something I didn't expect! I just assumed it would be more or less the same. I better start prepping myself .... thank you so much and well done on a successful outcome c

Mummy042004 Wed 05-Apr-17 20:55:19

I am too looking at having mine reversed just not sure if they will do it as I have had 4 c-sections and a hernia operation but I want it so badly good luck to you

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