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Short Cycles

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Endmoor1405 Sat 07-Jan-17 18:26:12

Hi all, hoping someone can shed some light since I'm going out of my tiny brain with worry at the moment.

Back story! Had coil removed earlier in the year and conceived pretty much instantly. Sadly miscarried at 9 weeks. Period returned about 6 weeks later and were 27-32 days every since. We haven't been actively trying as we booked our wedding for July after the miscarriage so said we would give it a while to let us heal and recover a bit and then try again after the wedding.

All seemed fine and reasonably regular until these last couple of cycles when I have had two cycles that have only got to CD18 and then started bleeding but very very light (almost like the tail end of a period rather than a proper flow). I put the first one down to just a dodgy cycle and decided to track ovulation in the next. Got nothing but a very faint second line and then this afternoon started bleeding lightly again on CD18.

Anyone have any experience or advice? I'm going to try and get to my GP at some point but work make it difficult and our waiting list is weeks long for a non emergency appt!

If it makes any difference I am 25, partner is 30 and prior to the miscarriage I have never been pregnant and have not been since. No health issues that I am aware of and my smear less than a year ago was perfectly fine

flumpybear Sat 07-Jan-17 18:27:31

GP but Angus castus may help

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