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I'm really frustrated, please help

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user1483760395 Sat 07-Jan-17 03:56:35

This is definitely not in the right section as i am definitely not trying to conceive but i didn't know where else to ask.
I am 18 and have a long term boyfriend
i had a period from the 28th of october to the 1st of november as it was expected
we had sex regularly after that and when it came close to my ovulation date on the 17th we continued, we never use contraception but he never ejaculates in me
I was the supposed to get my period on the 1st of december but instead got it on the 29th of november and it was lighter as it is usually 7-9 days but it was only 5 days. it wasn't heavy enough for a regular tampon so i just used a pad.
I have been feeling moody, exhausted, really sleepy and sooo bloated i have to wear big hoodies so i don't look like santa.
my period was now supposed to have come on the 3rd but it didn't and it is now the 7th and i have the cramps and sore boobs which makes me think like its gonna come but it doesn't
TMI sorry but i have lots of watery, white cm when close to my period i don't get anything.
my question is should i take a test or am i being paranoid because i havent had sex since my last period on the 29th of november.
i am frightened incase i am pregnant at my age

Out2pasture Sat 07-Jan-17 04:12:01

you will need to regularly check until you either have a period or test positive.
if you are not interested in becoming pregnant then you will need to invest in proper contraception.
the "never ejaculated" part doesn't matter; you're (most likely) fertile, he is most likely fertile and sperm do come from the tip of the if the tip of that penis has been anywhere near your vagina...well pregnancy is possible.

HettyB Sat 07-Jan-17 06:31:17

You really need to take a pregnancy test. You can buy supermarket own brand tests fairly cheaply. Do it soon - if you are pregnant you could already be around 10 weeks.

And if you don't want to have a baby, you need to sort out some kind of proper contraception. Him pulling out is risky - talk to your doctor about the pill/coil/implant/injection/condoms or whatever; there are plenty of methods of contraception available so you should be able to find something that suits you.

delilahbucket Sat 07-Jan-17 13:31:06

Just rewind a minute, you know your ovulation date at just 18 years old. I didn't know a thing about ovulation dates until I started TTC two years ago, and I've already got one child!
You said your period normally lasts 7-9 days, but your period on the 28th October was only 5 days??
If you think you're pregnant, go get a test. If you are you could be at least 8 weeks gone already so it's really best you find out sooner rather than later. No one on a forum can tell you

user1483760395 Sat 07-Jan-17 15:35:55

yes i have a period tracker called womanlog which also tells you when your ovulation is supposed to happen.
my period in october was also 5 days yes

delilahbucket Sat 07-Jan-17 16:07:36

An app doesn't tell you when you ovulate. It guesses based on averages. Not ovulating can cause lighter, shorter periods or missed periods. Once every so often this is considered normal.
I really would be testing sooner rather than later if I were you and if you're not, sort out some proper contraception.

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