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CharllGracex Fri 06-Jan-17 17:15:00

hi girls smile
abit of friendly advise.
i ovulated the 24th december, and was due a period today... but ive had a bleed yesterday. was faded pink when i went to toilet yesterday afternoon so put a pad on thinkin periods come early. spots on my pad, changed it last night, nothin on there this morning, no blood on pad this morning, slight pink on tissue not really noticeable and nothing sins. not quite sure what to make of it? anyone experienced this?

thankyou in advance
Charll x

Phoenix76 Fri 06-Jan-17 23:03:33

Hello Charll! Tricky one this! I've had this before and it was just AF mucking me about and had it again and was pregnant! The only way to know is a pregnancy test I'm afraid! If you do one & it's negative, just do another in a few days time (if you can bear the wait!), that's if course if af doesn't pop in. Hope you get the result you want, whatever it be.

CharllGracex Sat 07-Jan-17 09:27:37

Hi Pheonix76,
thanks for your reply smile
it is very tricky!!! before ive thought it was implantation bleeding and then it turned out to get heavy by day 3. so i knew then it was just that my period had changed. as i used to be heavy from day 1 to around day 3 and then day 4 would be light and i would finish my cycle. but this time its different. the pink bleed came thursday afternoon which was a day earlier than my cycle, and then stopped on the night but put s pad on to be safe thinking it was my period and had come early. then nothing there friday morning and then nothing again this morning. so all in all my bleeding lasted for about a day maybe a day and a half... i have no cramping either which i usually do when my periods about to come. so really unsure as dont want to tempt anything. i dont really know whens best to test after implantation bleeding (if it is that). what did you do? did you wait a few days to see if you bled again and if it was heavier in case it was your period or did you just test? smile thankyou

Phoenix76 Sat 07-Jan-17 20:37:25

It just keeps getting trickier doesn't it? I completely get not wanting to tempt anything, I did mine around when my period should be here. I used a Clearblue digital and it came up very quickly pregnant, said 2-3. It's really up to you, when you feel ready. Sometimes, it can take a few goes to get a positive so, if af doesn't appear, it could span out over a few days. Please let us know how you get on!

BoBo90 Sat 07-Jan-17 21:01:05

If you really want to know right now check your cervix. Have a feel and if it's af it will most likely be open with some blood on it.

It will put you out of your misery but tbh this close to af's arrival it's unlikely to be implantation unless you have a short literal phase x

CharllGracex Sun 08-Jan-17 17:43:06

hi girlies,
i couldnt wait being impatient!
said negative which i thought it would, thought it would be too early to tell. then 2 hours later, she appeared sad not this month girlies! thankyou for your comments xx

Phoenix76 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:07:38

So sorry to hear that. I know how it feels, it took me a long time ttc before I got my bfp. Here's hoping next month is your turn, thank you for letting us know x

NelleB Sun 14-Jan-18 16:14:44

Trying my best not to symptom spot my cervix is high, hard and closed. I'm having some right side of my uterus pains. I'm 9dpo, too early to test and don't really want to until after AF as I had a CP last month. AF not due for about 5/6 days.

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