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inconclusive test

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GreenGoth89 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:20:10

I bought a box of strip tests from Poundland a while ago and as I am now 6 days late did a test this morning. There was a big red blob and then two incredibly faint lines - you could barely see either and the test line came up after and was more faint than the other. Would that be seen as inconclusive? Getting another test today to see what it says but we have been taking all the precautions and didn't want to start trying for another 6 months :/ what do I do if it's positive? I've been waiting for an ECG to rule out any problems with my mitral valve and post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

GreenGoth89 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:49:49

I've done another which was negative...I have a third test which I'll use tomorrow morning but I'm still a little unsure after that first test

Newtoday Fri 06-Jan-17 20:58:17

Hope it works out for you, either way! First test must have been faulty. See doctor if being so late is unusual.

GreenGoth89 Fri 06-Jan-17 21:23:28

Only had the coil removed in November so I don't really know if this is regular or not.

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