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First time TTC and slight bleeding

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theclick Wed 04-Jan-17 22:16:33

DH and I DTD today as I am ovulating (I believe!) and we are TTC. When he pulled out, his erm, sperm came out also by accident and there was some feint blood in it, from me not him as when I wiped after there was very faint pink on the tissue.

I am a total hypochondriac and have diagnosed myself with endo and pcos in the past.

Should I be worried?

theclick Wed 04-Jan-17 22:18:10

Should say it's not really happened before, and we've always used condoms as I never loved the pill.

Spam88 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:19:05

This has happened on occasion with us in the past. I wouldn't be concerned about a one off.

Spam88 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:19:39

Should add, I don't have any fertility issues and am 20 weeks pregnant.

theclick Wed 04-Jan-17 22:31:18

Thanks that has made me feel a bit more at ease.

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