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Is it ok to try and loose weight whilst trying to conceive/early pregnancy?

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Tigger83 Wed 04-Jan-17 07:58:09

Hi all, just wanted a bit of mn advice really! I'm 12 stone ish and we're actively trying to conceive  I'd love to loose a bit more weight ideally- I've maintained at this weight for about a year but can feel it creeping on again. Historically I have done weight watchers so do you think it's a problem to follow weight watchers (I do it online so no leader to ask) whilst trying to conceive and into the early stages of pregnancy? I'd like to drop a stone and a half in an ideal world!!

Redpony1 Wed 04-Jan-17 10:04:41

There are plenty of us doing this on this thread:

Join us!!

HeyJupiter Wed 04-Jan-17 12:49:11

I spoke to the nurse practitioner about this recently as I'd like to ideally lose another stone (lost two last year) but also don't want to delay TTC any longer. She told me to up my calorie intake from 1200 to 1500 per day and make sure good balance of all types of food. That way will still lose weight (albeit very slowly - realistically 0.5-1lb per week) whilst still taking in all the vitamins etc I would need for me and if I fell pregnant. She did say that once pregnancy confirmed (fingers crossed) to probably up it a little further depending on how I feel.

I'm not sure how weight watchers works but as long as you're getting all the food groups you need etc then imagine would be fine. Basically just avoid anything extreme or involving weird food substitutes.

Good luck! smile

Redpony1 Wed 04-Jan-17 13:12:18

Just to add, Slimming World is supported and encouraged to help pregnant ladies lose and/or control their weight. Unsure if WW is the same

Lemonylem Wed 04-Jan-17 13:37:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tigger83 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:22:21

Think ww teaches you healthy habits but I'll be avoiding the low fat rubbish and just focusing on healthy choices....

Lemonylem Wed 04-Jan-17 15:03:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lndnmummy Wed 04-Jan-17 15:55:47

It is! I did and was on under a dietician on a diet of 1200 cal until 14 weeks. It is a myth that you need to eat more in early pregnancy. It is healthier to reduce your weight if you are overweight.

Tigger83 Wed 04-Jan-17 17:16:16

I'm not overweight for my height however carrying a few extra pounds so I will go for it! My plan is eating healthy, loosely following ww however avoiding the rubbish low fat crap they promote!

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