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Are heavy periods bad for TTC?

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SayenRose Tue 03-Jan-17 17:13:59

I've wondered this for a while. Been TTC for 8 months now with no success.

I had my implant removed earlier this year and after 6 weeks my periods returned. They are very regular for 6 months I had 28 day cycles and the last 2 months 29 day cycles.
However, since the implant removal (I had no periods with the implant) my periods have been extremely heavy, to the point I need to wear two pads and to change them every 1-2 hours. (TMI) There are also a lot of bright red clumps, some quite large. This lasts about 2.5 days, then the next 2.5 days are normal medium to light period.

I have 2 other DC conceived over 7 years ago, both conceived within the first month but with a different partner. My periods back then were regular but not heavy.

Is it normal to bleed so much? Could it somehow be affecting my chances of conceiving? According to OPKs I ovulate around day 15.

TinselTwins Tue 03-Jan-17 17:15:52

it depends on the cause, if there's fibroids then maybe.

I have no growths but have heavy periods and I convieve easily.

Maybe enquire with your GP to rule out growths?

physicskate Tue 03-Jan-17 19:17:13

And while you're there ask about taking iron! Really heavy periods can make you anaemia which affects fertility too.

SayenRose Tue 03-Jan-17 19:57:43

Thank you for your replies, I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow to ask about this.

When I had the implant out I naively assumed I would just get pregnant as easily as with my other DC sad

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