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So confused - 14dpo, bfn but no AF

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TempsPerdu Tue 03-Jan-17 08:46:39

New to all this and getting a bit anxious now! I'm 36 and we've been ttc #1 for 6 months. Had my +OPK on CD12 and I'm now CD27 with not a whiff of AF. Tested this morning (Clearblue Plus) only to get a stark white BFN. To get to 13/14dpo is totally unheard of for me - normally I have a short luteal phase of 10 or even 9 days, and I've been taken high dose Vit B6 to try and counter this.

Symptoms wise I've been getting lots of niggly cramping and pulling low down, sore boobs (not down the sides like usual after OV but tingling/burning nipples), feeling hot, creamy white discharge and missing my usual emotional PMS symptoms. But I would have thought I'd be getting a positive by now if I was pregnant?

Hoping for some advice - obviously all I can do is wait but this feels so weird to me given my usual cycle, and I hate being in limbo. Has anyone been in a similar boat?

mistletoeprickles Tue 03-Jan-17 08:53:24

Clear blue are known for not being that sensitive. There is website which tells you the sensitivity of them but I can't remember which.
The two most sensitive are first response and superdrug. Maybe give one of those a try?

TempsPerdu Tue 03-Jan-17 08:58:28

Thanks mistletoe - been frantically googling pregnancy tests and the results seem to agree with you that FRER/Superdrug are better. Just a bit fed up as I deliberately held on until AF was definitely late rather than testing early to avoid disappointment - and here I am still disappointed! Usually I'd be delighted at such a long LP but this not knowing is so frustrating!

dangle90 Tue 03-Jan-17 09:11:54

Hi sorry I can't be of much help but the website someone mentioned is called "countdowntopregnancy" it has all ratings of pregnancy tests and there senstivity, hope this helps fx for you x

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