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Period 5 days late but BFN 2 days ago and negative ovulation kit

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Reden89 Sun 01-Jan-17 13:37:45

Hi there,

I hope someone can shed some light as I have been quietly reading some forums and chats for a while now but haven't seen anyone in same situation I am currently in!

My periods since coming off Depo May '16 have been 2 monthly but for the last 2 cycles it has been 23 days. So I hoped it was getting back into swing of things (last time I came off depo I was pregnant after 5 months, I know that was lucky!)

Anyway so I had a positive ovulation test 8 days after start of my period. Had sex every day/every other day pretty much 10 days after that (I don't really keep track 100% as work shifts). Day I was due period (5 days ago) I just randomly did ovulation test and it came up as postive! Really strongly! So off I popped to sainsburys and got 2 tests. Did one next day (1 day late) and was negative? Did another ovulation test and was positive but fainter. On 3rd day late I took the 2nd pregnancy test and it was negative still... now ovulation test on 5th day is completely negative. Do you think it's worth getting another pregnancy test? Not sure if my cycle has come out of sync again or if pregnancy is very early? The ovulation tests have thrown me off hmm ...
last time I found out I was pregnant with 1st I got a positive 2 days after missed period.

Any help or advice would help as I'm a newbie at testing ovulation and tbh it has confused me and made me stress so not sure if I will get anymore confusedhmm xxx

physicskate Sun 01-Jan-17 14:18:46

Might be that you didn't ov after cd 8. The recent positives might mean you've only just ov'd. A positive opk doesn't mean you will ov, just that there is a surge of hormone that happens before ov generally. The only way to know you have actually ovulated is to track your bbt.

Reden89 Sun 01-Jan-17 15:28:37

I did think that after, because of the shock in thinking I could be pregnant we only BD about 36 hours after I saw the positive 'ovulation' on the day of my 'missed period'. So if it was ovulation i wouldn't be very hopeful.
Do you think if I was pregnant then I would still be getting positive ovulation tests? Thank you for replying.
Unfortunately I cannot check my temp as do shift work and ever get up at the same time every morning.. plus I'm very forgetful lol x

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