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A proper squinter

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Bonxie Sat 31-Dec-16 21:56:01

I just did a superdrug sensitive as a NYE precaution before going out. Any thoughts? I've got a clear blue digital, but I'm waiting till morning as its not as sensitive. IC showing nothing. Day 28, usually 28-30.

It's been difficult to photograph without a shadow.

Nishky Sat 31-Dec-16 21:58:28

I can see a line.

Bonxie Sat 31-Dec-16 21:58:27

And with a bit of clarity filter:

CatsCantFlyFast Sat 31-Dec-16 22:00:29

I can see a line. However I do know of two people who've had similar and it's turned out to be nothing. Going to have a quick look at my tests from last Jan...

ButtfaceMiscreant Sat 31-Dec-16 22:02:42

I can see a line. I can't imagine one drink would be a problem (not a medic and I personally wouldn't but that is me and my anxieties).

Tentative congratulations OP flowers

CatsCantFlyFast Sat 31-Dec-16 22:02:52

12dpo then 13dpo

Bonxie Sat 31-Dec-16 22:23:24

Thanks all for looking!

Ooh Merkin that looks promising - thank you.

I'm encouraged, anyway, that even if this doesn't stick/hasn't stuck, something has tried to happen. I've done a lot of these tests, and no matter how much I've tried to see a line/make one appear with special effects, I've never seen a whisper since MC a year ago. So I am hopeful for 2017 no matter what smile

CatsCantFlyFast Sat 31-Dec-16 22:40:30

I hope you get a lovely surprise in the morning OP

HormonalChicken Sun 01-Jan-17 07:43:18

Any update OP?

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Sun 01-Jan-17 07:48:13

With another filter, loooks like a tentative +ve to me....

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 08:10:19

Thanks all! I only got in at half 3 (buoyed by adrenaline!) so last loo trip was very late. As soon as I have further intelligence I will post grin

Tesco near me opens at 11, but I don't think they sell frers or very sensitive ones, and the internet won't tell me if superdrug opens today, so I'll ring the nearest one at usual Sunday opening time of 11. This is the first time I haven't had the full range in stock!

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 08:12:38

That's a lot of exclamations. Nerves!

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 09:34:45

Clearblue digital says not pregnant, but I'm going to try a more sensitive one later if I can find one.

Lilly948204 Sun 01-Jan-17 12:04:20

The line looks very strange to me. There is definitely something there but it's too narrow compared to what you would normally get. I'd try a FRER, I've got two positives on these very clearly at 9dpo. Good luck xx

INeedNewShoes Sun 01-Jan-17 12:08:35

The Clearblue digital require a stronger concentration of HCG to get a positive result so don't be disheartened.

FRER are the gold standard for early testing!

Good luck smile

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 13:31:22

I didn't take some fmu out with me in a tiny jam jar, oh no... Another very faint line on a superdrug early. I'm still out so can't photograph it. Also a tiny bit of spotting so I think I tried, but probably not this time.

MissClarke86 Sun 01-Jan-17 13:33:40

Can you get to a boots for a FRER?

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 13:51:59

I'll try to find a frer, but it might have to wait till morning, and I'm convinced AF is imminent now.

I did take this in McDonald's loo though:

(It took longer than the 3 mins, but definitely less than 10. I've had these before and never had evaps, has anyone else?)

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 13:55:55

I'll try for a frer but it may have to wait till tomorrow. This is today's (pic taken in McDonald's loo), although I'm convinced AF is about to appear now. It took more than 3 mins to come up, but a lot less than 10. Could it just be evaporation?

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 13:57:02

Sorry, didn't think first one had worked.

namechangedjustforthis Sun 01-Jan-17 14:10:13

That's a definite positive!

MissClarke86 Sun 01-Jan-17 14:11:34

Definitely positive!

Bonxie Sun 01-Jan-17 14:20:18

Even if it took longer? I do feel AF is about to start properly, what with the spotting. Although it's not like my usual start. Something has at least tried to happen, perhaps?

MissClarke86 Sun 01-Jan-17 14:42:23

When I found out I was pregnant it felt like that, heavy and a bit crampy. I had spotting too which was implantation bleeding.

It's definitely positive though. Obviously there's a chance it could be a chemical and not stick but for now I'd just see what happens over the next few days smile

MissClarke86 Sun 01-Jan-17 14:44:17

Also I don't think evap lines are as common as people make them seem on here.

I've done loads and loads of tests (bit obsessive!) and never had an evap, even when looking at then a day or two later. Im fairly certain anything coming up within 5-10 minutes is a genuine result, especially if is coloured.

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