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No periods - help!

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usernotfound0000 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:10:18

Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place, I'm new round here.

So, I have an almost 2 year old and I came off the pill in September to start TTC number 2. And it's now 90 days since I've had a period. I'm definitely not pregnant. I'm going to arrange a GP appointment for the new year but what could be wrong? I realise it could be many things but I'm panicking it might be something serious.

MouseLove Fri 30-Dec-16 23:37:53

Unfortunately it's completely normal for it to take a while for periods to come back after the pill. Some people have a first long cycle (mine was 50 days) and then short or irregular cycles. 90 days is a bit longer than most but not unheard of. I know some ladies nearing that total. I would try to relax as much as possible and possibly look at ways to induce a period. Have a research of agnus castus. X

CoodleMoodle Fri 30-Dec-16 23:41:00

In the same situation here! Came off in October and still no period. I have PCOS though, which doesn't help.

Did you have regular periods before you started the pill? Which one were the best taking?

CoodleMoodle Fri 30-Dec-16 23:41:23

*which one were you taking

usernotfound0000 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:28:53

Thanks for the replies, glad to hear it's fairly normal.

When I came off the pill last time, it did take about 2 months to get my period back and then my cycles were around 40 days. I was on Yasmin.

Seven0fNine Sat 31-Dec-16 12:09:01

Me too, I was 92 days, then 41, currently on 35 so not holding out much hope for a nice short one this time either. I was on yasmin too. My af's have been really light when I have got them as well. I had made the docs appointment because it's says on NHS website you should see gp if you've missed 3 and then it showed up so I cancelled it!

DaisyDanzel Sat 31-Dec-16 17:14:18

Are you taking any pre conception vitimins OP? My partner and I plan to start trying next month and I am taking 'seven seas trying for a baby'. I did a bit of research before deciding upon them and in some reviews I read, people were saying their period returned after they started taking them after having come off the pill.

usernotfound0000 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:57:11

I haven't been taking any vitamins but it's worth a try. I'm going to ring the GP tomorrow, I'm hoping making the appointment will invoke the law of sod!

Popcorn15 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:10:24

Hi Usernotfound

I was about to post something very similar to this but saw yours so I'm going to join in the chat here. Hope you don't mind!

I came off the pill at the end of my pack in August 2016 (last day of AF was 27.08.2016) and have had nothing since. I did a test a month or so ago just to be sure - but no luck. Just wishful thinking.

I had been on various forms of the pill for approx 10 years (Dianette for most of that time and Yasmin for about the past 2 years) so I am afraid that they have wrecked my natural cycles. I don't know how regular my cycles were before then as it was such a long time ago and I was a teenager.

I might try those vitamins you mentioned Daisy. Other than that does anyone have any tips? I am thinking of going to th doctor just to make sure there is nothing wrong with me.


MouseLove Mon 02-Jan-17 16:51:28

You should certainly be taking vitamins or folic acid as a bare minimum for 3 months before TTC. This is realllllllly important. It helps your eggs to be the healthiest they can be and can help prevent miscarriage and neural tube birth defects.

Popcorn, I would certainly speak with your doc asap. X

Lovelymonkeyninetynine Mon 02-Jan-17 21:13:40

I'm much like popcorn in that I used to take dianette then yasmin and then had no idea what my natural cycles were like. I came off the pill in december 2011 and never had a period, in fact I discovered I was pregnant in the following June without having any period at all.
The same thing happened to me when I conceived dc2, came off the pill, waited for a few months, no period at all but then discovered I was pregnant again!
When I went to the doctor about no periods after the pill they said they can take a while but they did give me an ultrasound to make sure I didn't have pcos and also checked hormone levels. They were fine but I'm still convinced there must be something wrong with my cycles, despite not having fertility issues.

usernotfound0000 Tue 03-Jan-17 13:17:38

MouseLove - thanks for the kick, I started the folic acid yesterday, I kept meaning to start it but kept forgetting!

I've booked a GP appointment for next week, when it will be 101 days since my last period. Hoping it will appear before then though!

Popcorn15 Wed 04-Jan-17 11:11:01

user not found

Please let me know how you get on as I feel like I need to book myself in as well x


usernotfound0000 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:58:04

So just to update following my GP appointment. Because I have a history of long/irregular cycles she said it was probably just my body getting used to not having the pill again, but accepted that 100+ days was a long time so she has ordered a blood test for me to see if they show anything. I will have that next week. Popcorn if AF still hasn't arrived, I'd get yourself booked in just for peace of mind if nothing else.

Popcorn15 Mon 16-Jan-17 20:38:51

Thanks for the update UserNotFound. I'm on day 8 of taking the Sevens Seas Trying for a Baby vitamins now. Going to wait until I've taken the full months packet. If nothing by that stage then I am going to see the doctor.
Any result from your tests yet?


usernotfound0000 Mon 16-Jan-17 20:55:05

Well not sure if it's a coincidence but I started the sevens seas vitamins too about 2 weeks ago and AF arrived on Friday! I had the blood test today so results expected on Thursday.

Popcorn15 Mon 23-Jan-17 19:27:03

Hey usernotfound

Still no joy with AF with me yet - I've been taking the seven seas tablets for 15 days now. Hopefully within the next week or so...

Any word back from your results from the doctor?


usernotfound0000 Tue 24-Jan-17 12:31:41

Hi Popcorn, I think I'd be thinking about making a doctor's appointment if I were you. If anything, just to put your mind at ease.

My results came back last week and all but one were fine, and one is borderline. Don't really know what that means but have a GP appointment tomorrow to discuss so hopefully it's nothing serious.

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