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When should I try to conceive?

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user1482867599 Fri 30-Dec-16 17:24:55

I've just come off the mirena coil (14th Dec) and AF showed her face this morning! My periods have been irregular due to the coil and I had AF here there and everywhere, however now I can finally keep track of my periods as I'm TTC. How long after a period should I wait to TTC and is it likely il catch on during my first cycle? smile

Trytowin Fri 30-Dec-16 17:46:52

Hi I'm a nowb but I have been using an app called my calendar free on android. It's a bit cutesy and obviously aimed for the younger end of the market ( look at the face for unprotected sex lol) but I have found it non threatening as it is a little less serious. It calcs when your fertile times are based on previous / average

Trytowin Fri 30-Dec-16 17:47:45

Meant to say good luck on your journey! :-)

ricepolo Fri 30-Dec-16 17:52:51

Without knowing when you ovulate it's hard to know when's the best time to have lots of sex. So having sex every other day between now and your next period/positive pregnancy test is a safe way to cover your bases (sperm can last for up to five days so this way, whenever you ovulate, there'll be some there waiting).

During your cycle pay attention to your discharge-the more watery/like egg white it becomes, the closer to ovulation you are and so the more fertile you are. You should definitely have sex at this point!!

If you really want to you can take your temperature every morning before getting out of bed: once you ovulate your temp will rise about half a degree due to the higher levels of progesterone. This won't tell you when to have sex (by the time your temp's risen it's too late) but it will help you know when you should test for pregnancy (your period will arrive about 14 days after ovulation if you're not pregnant) and will help you know better when to time it next cycle, should you need to.

You can also use opks-get them off eBay not boots or you'll need a second mortgage. These predict when you'll ovulate by testing for a hormone surge which normally precedes ovulation.

Essay over. Good luck smile

user1482867599 Fri 30-Dec-16 19:52:45

Thank you both for the advice! Il let you all know how my little journey goes smile

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