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Failed IVF/ Chemical pregnancy/ Early miscarriage

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Sandypants123 Fri 30-Dec-16 10:54:02

Hi all,
Im not sure if I have done this right as its my first post on here but here goes.

So we have been TTC for 2 years now and have just failed our first IVF cycle. We tested positive after the 2ww and then 5 days later i had a bleed, we did a pregnancy test and it came up negative. Spoke to the nurse at the NHS ivf clinic at UCLH where we are having treatment and she advised that we have had and a very early miscarriage/ chemical pregnancy.

We are now due to go in at some point in Jan (waiting for appt) to have a follow-up with the doctor and start our Frozen Embryo transfer cylce.

I was wondering if any of you ladies have experienced the same and what you have been told as to why the chemical pregnancy occured in the first place.

Also has anyone had success doing a FET after having a chemical?

We had two day 5 blastocysts put back in and neither of them made it this time round so i am really worried that the frozens may not work either...I am 37 and hubby is 34.

Help as feeling really low and confused.... thanks

physicskate Fri 30-Dec-16 18:19:11

Chemicals are incredibly common, unfortunately. I had one in July. They can be caused by genetic issues with that particular embryo, failure to grow after a certain stage. Nothing you did.

They are heart-wrenching, but many people don't even know they happen because they are a miscarriage that occurs around the time af would be due anyway. So most people think they've just had af.

Be nice to yourself. You did nothing wrong. These happen more often than many people know.

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