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Chemical Pregnancy?

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Maddybella Fri 30-Dec-16 06:54:00

Hi! , anyway, a bit about myself, I'm 18 recently got a positive pregnancy test (and negative) I got my last period on the 3rd of December and had unprotected sex on the 17th of December my cycle is pretty much always regular, only ever 1-2 days off if anything. From the time of unprotected sex (he didn't pull out either, stupid I know) It's stressed me out beyond belief that I could have gotten pregnant and obviously all I could do was wait until I missed my period. Came the week leading up to my period I "felt" like I could be pregnant, came Tue (27th Dec) I woke up NOT feeling pregnant, I'm not with the man I had slept with he had used me and I've been really upset over that and had just wanted to move on, I took a pregnancy test thinking it was going to come back - and I could forget about this guy and move on kinda thing. Anyway it came back positive, i then went on to take another 2 that afternoon using the same urine for the 2nd two (came back negative) I saw my doc wed and took another pregnancy test thur morning (-) got a blood test done not long after I got what I assume now is my period late yesterday. I got the blood test results this morning, I'm not pregnant, my doctor said that there's a possibilty the egg had been fertilised but didn't implant resulting in the + pregnancy test, I did some research and came across the term "chemical pregnancy" a lot. Is this something that could have happened? At first i was relieved that I wasn't pregnant now I'm feeling a little sad and guilty that they're could have Been a baby, my baby. sorry this is so long, I didn't want to leave any details out and was just looking for some advise and/or similar experiences from other women. Thanks!! smile

Banana25 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:26:08

I'm really sorry OP. Chemicals are surprisingly common, but it doesn't make them any less shit, or your feelings any less valid. I've had a couple in the last year, both took me a while to really get over. What you're feeling is totally normal, feeling sad, but do not feel guilty. As I'm sure your doctor told you, you haven't done anything wrong, and it isn't your fault.

Personally I found that I was really up and down emotionally for a while, but it's such a personal thing to experience. Not everyone will feel the same way, and there's no right or wrong way to feel. Physically it was very much like a normal, heavier period for me.

I think all you can really do is be kind to yourself. Don't expect to suddenly be okay with it, it's a lot to process, and it's still a loss. Have you got any support in real life?

Maddybella Mon 02-Jan-17 06:43:51

Hi banana25! Sorry to hear that sad thank you for sharing your story, It's helped quite a bit. I've been the same emotionally. Thank you and take care x

Banana25 Mon 02-Jan-17 14:01:27

How're you feeling now OP? And I'm glad it helped, if anything, I hope it just made you realised that whatever you feel is perfectly fine.

SairdyJane25 Mon 02-Jan-17 18:24:20

I had a chemical in October, it was the strangest feeling as I hadn't really gotten used to the idea of being pregnant, and if I hadn't tested early I wouldn't have known. That's how I justified it to myself and my husband. However, were still trying to conceive, actually had a faint positive yeaterday and period is due tomorrow, but because of my chemical ive convinced myself that I will get my period regardless of any positive tests.
Sorry long reply, what I'm trying to say is, let yourself be sad and emotional to get through the experience, don't just dismiss it like me. Hope you're ok and have some one to give you a hug when you need it x

Maddybella Wed 04-Jan-17 02:20:16

I'm feeling a little bit better, I don't know if I'm coming or going though, as SairdyJane25 I hadn't really gotten over the shock that I was pregnant, and then it was gone, It's just so much to take in in such a short amount of time, i'm off holidays now and back at work so I'm keeping busy. I'm sorry to hear that sad SairdyJane25, it's a sucky thing to go through. Thank you ladies for your feedback and support smile

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