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When to do pregnancy test

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itsgood2talk Thu 29-Dec-16 15:27:21

We have recently started trying to conceive our 2nd child. I have downloaded the Ovia app and it says a pregnancy test can be taken tomorrow. Is this going to be accurate or am I better off waiting a few more days??

TeddyIsaHe Thu 29-Dec-16 15:29:55

Unless you know (and say on here!) your cycle days, when your period is due etc etc no one will be able to tell you when best to test.
You should wait until you've missed your period, test then. That's honestly the only advice I can give. Hope you get your bfp though!

MouseLove Thu 29-Dec-16 20:08:09

Wait until you've missed a period. Ovia is just an app that guesses based on numbers. I would suggest CD30+ if you make it that far.

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