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Period, implantation bleed or something else?

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christmastreebauble Wed 28-Dec-16 20:44:37

It's been over 12 months since I had my last Depo Provera injection and no period. I've had a bit of spotting yesterday and today

TMI warning - not a lot of bleeding, but noticeable when wiping (sorry)

I have also had unprotected sex with my husband as we want to start trying for a baby but thought the chances would be low until my cycle showed signs of getting back to normal. I don't have any pregnancy tests in the house and all the local shops are shut. Does it sound like this could be the early sign or finally getting a period, or is an implantation bleed more likely (bearing in mind I haven't had a period since stopping injections). It has been very light and intermittent which has confused me.

I know all I can really do is take a test but I'm baffled by it all and any advice is appreciated!

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