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Artificial Insemination

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jo1245 Wed 28-Dec-16 10:40:16

Hi my name is Jo, & have been plucking up the courage to ask about this for some time. I'm in my late 30s & want to start a family. Unfortunately my DH has had ED for many years, this wouldn't normally be a problem as i'm really not keen on DTD. But do realize i do need to get some of my husbands semen deposited to the right spot when TTC. We gave up having intercourse 7-8 yrs ago, & would like to avoid re-starting if possible, so have decided to go down the self insemination path first. Just for the record, my DH is able to produce semen with careful MB, but this can take around 30-40+mins, So I think Artificial Insemination would be best route for us. I have read this back a couple of times & it does make me look like some Frigid old prude, but we are very much in love, i'm just not interested in sex.
A few good honest tips would be nice. Thanks Jo

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