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What do I need to know

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perfectpinkstar Wed 28-Dec-16 00:00:29

Hi everyone smile

I'm fairly new to this and am looking for advice / help.

A bit of background. I'm 34 and my husband is 37. We got married earlier this year and I took my last contraceptive pill on Christmas Eve. We are planning to start trying in Feb

I was on cerazette and am hoping my periods come on fairly quickly. Earlier this year I had some very heavy clotting after 6 yrs of no periods but had a scan and all was ok and was told I had good healthy looking ovaries

I'm overweight. I weigh around 15 stone and my hubby is around 13.7 stone

I've bought folic Acid and vit d to take and have an app to track periods - I've heard Ovia is the better out of most?!

So, does anyone have any advice for ttc? Preparing myself to conceive etc?

Thanks all and seasons greetings xfsmile

MishyBakes Wed 28-Dec-16 09:47:24

Good luck! I was on a similar progesterone only pill at the beginning of the year. You may experience a withdrawal bleed soon after stopping, but it can take a while for regular cycles to resume. Ovia can be good to help you get used to your cycles, I found they helped me figure out my cycle after a few months.

In terms of the folic acid, you may want to see your GP and get a higher dose (as you say you are overweight). They can also offer advice and help if you are looking to change your lifestyle in the run up to pregnancy.

Most important things are to look after yourself, have regular sex with your partner and not to become too stressed about it. It is perfectly normal to take up to a year to conceive. Take care and best of luck x

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