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Ovulation tests. HELP!

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Natalie2900 Mon 26-Dec-16 17:12:15

I'm having trouble with ovulation tests.
I have been trying to a baby and we got
Pregnant first month of trying ovulation tests worked perfect. I used cheaper sainsburys own brands until line darkened then used clear blue to check for smiley face. Got BFP on day 21 but unfortunately I had a silent miscarriage at 14 weeks. Worst experience of my life. I have finally had a period and have started using ovulation sticks hoping I will get pregnant as quickly as last time.
But this time around it's all confusing me. I started testing day 7 and one day 8 I got
A pretty dark line and then on day 9.. only
Problem being is that I never got a smiley face. I even took the stick out to see the line on the clearblue ( attached photos you can see). I am only day 11. I usually get a dark line around day 12 til day 13/14. Have already ovulated? Even though I never had a smiley face? The test lines where so dark like last time but I had a smiley face. I want to pregnant again SO bad. Please if anybody can give me any advice on this? I have attached picture also.

MouseLove Mon 26-Dec-16 22:13:44

Sorry for your loss sadflowers

However.... ovulation sticks do not confirm ovulation therefore you might be surging and not actually ovulating. Of course anything is possible. What cycle is this after your loss?

Natalie2900 Tue 27-Dec-16 14:39:59

This is my first cycle after my loss. I had my first period exactly 5 weeks after my Surgery.
Can you have two surges in a month. I don't know if that was my ovulation. I've had some cramping
Past two days. I will continue to test up until my period comes if I have too smile

MouseLove Tue 27-Dec-16 14:58:10

Of course you can. You can actually ovulate twice too. I wouldn't worry this soon after your loss, it might take a few cycles for things to settle. I'm sorry you're guessing at this stage. I would personally just try to DTD as much as you can from the end of your AF for the next 3 weeks. X

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