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Late ovulation OR implantation

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MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:02:18

Hi all,
Okay so ttc for past couple of months post coming of pill. I always get those middle pains I think like when you ovulate. Due to being in pill can't really remember when I used to get them in my cycle but def get them. I am currently 5 days off from when next due on and have what feels like ovulation pains. I hear you can get similar pains with implantation but these pains are just like ovulation. I also felt quite nauseous yesterday and the day before. I did feel a few twinges earlier this month which I thought might be ovulation but not like what I have today. Starting to wonder if I might be pregnant but also if this is ovulation it is way too late in my cycle to conceive right? confused

NetflixandBill Mon 26-Dec-16 13:18:38

Sometimes ovulation can happen late for a variety of reasons, so if you suspect you might be ovulating l, then some dtd would not do any harm.

Are you using anything to help you track at the moment?

You can get some inplantation cramps and light spotting if you have conceived so do a test in a week if you haven't started your period.

MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:29:13

Thanks for getting back so quickly! Dtd this morning before they started randomly so who knows I just think too late for anything to happen now maybe if it is ovulation. Got an app on phone to keep track of things since coming off pill so might just be body settling back into swing of things perhaps. Periods have gone back to being fairly regular give or take a few days difference each month.
I used to get a these cramps right in middle of cycle before say 14 days. Have been stressed recently so maybe that is messing things up a bit.
First time tcc so totally new to all this hmm

NetflixandBill Mon 26-Dec-16 14:03:18

Keep tracking, as the app will get more accurate as you go. Your luteal phase (post ovulation) is always pretty fixed to a set amount of days, but ov itself can vary. If youre not pregnant but your period is late, you probably ov'd late. That happened to me the first month of ttc and i couldnt fathom why the tests were negative but i was 8 days late!

Personally, i couldn't cope wthout ovulation sticks (amazon cheapies), but then again i am a complete data geek. V jealous of people who can keep it relaxed!

MouseLove Mon 26-Dec-16 14:14:50

Personally I would just DTD lots anyways. Your body is still fresh off the pill which can actually mean you are not ovulating at all. Or ovulating late. Use until you've had a few cycles to track and get used to your body. Try not to get worried.

MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:15:40

Thanks all smile will keep on tracking with the app and see what happens when I'm due on Sat.
I just wondered if you could ovulate late and still have period when expected will try to relax and see how it goes!

MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:16:47

Might give ov sticks a go next month if no joy

sarahboro1 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:22:50

I get ovulation pains too. Then the last couple of cycles I've been getting slight cramping a week before af is due. I really thought it would be implantation as they went on all week but af arrived as usual. I've never had af cramps that early before so it was a new one for me. Really hope yours is implantation but as your body is still getting used to cycling don't be surprised by anything!! Xx

user1482261465 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:34:18

How long have you been off the pill? I had some really weird symptoms post pill. If your periods have been regular then I'd wait to test if and when AF is late. It's hard to know what is causing your discomfort but maybe dtd just incase? Good luck smile

MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:42:55

Been off pill since end Sept so pretty early days still. Had normal bleed as i would when on pill then my next cycle was 29 days, one after that was 24 and it's predicting this one will be 24 but will just see. I was always 28 days before on pill but been on it for 10 years so guess things will take a while to settle. It's weird because you think omg it will just happen straight away but it's not like that is it!!!
Had bit of nausea this week but not sure what that was about could have been anything.

user1482261465 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:02:16

I was also on the pill for 10 years, came off it and had 4 "periods" within 6 weeks! Then my cycle settled down but now I'm 9 days late with a bfn as of xmas eve confused I never realised how confusing ttc would be, I naively thought it would just "happen" straight away. Xx

MissyJones83 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:40:39

Yes me too. Makes me wonder if I should have come off pill earlier but then no doubt I would have caught straight away lol. First time we dtd after coming off I was like 'that's it' haha nope! Maybe do another test again soon I hear morning tests are best but I am no expert!! Clearly lol x

MissyJones83 Tue 27-Dec-16 11:56:35

Woke up with achy boobs today, normally get this before come on so boo hiss looks like I've missed out again this month, will obvs still wait and see if the good old af comes along end of the week. The cramping feeling has pretty much gone now so still not sure what that was, if ovulation pain v late in my cycle. X

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