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To those with long/irregular cycles

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happybus28 Mon 26-Dec-16 12:19:58

Hi all smile

I've been knocking about the conception boards on and off for the last year or so but only activley TTC since May. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been very long & irregular & i currently haven't had AF since October 22nd (POAS lots, all BFN) went to my GP last week really thinking that she would fob me off & say i hadn't been off pill long enough but she was great. I have been referred for blood tests to check my hormone levels & also my thyroid, dependant on results of those possibly a referral to gynaecology.

I suppose i just wanted to say if others are in a similar boat as me & putting off seeing your GP to go and do it, regardless of TTC or not if your cycles are very long/irregular its something that needs investigating. i feel so much more positive that i have started the ball rolling with getting this sorted out.

Tinkerbell2319 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:00:22

I'm in a similar situation and I thought I'd get fobbed off but my GP has been great to be fair and am being sent for blood tests too smile

happybus28 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:17:14

That's good that they are taking you seriously too tinkerbell have you had your blood test yet? They said I should try and have between days 2-4 of my cycle but if I still haven't had AF in a couple of weeks then to go and get the bloods done anyway regardless.

MouseLove Mon 26-Dec-16 14:20:24

Happy, I think your thyroid might be a good indication if you're still struggling with irregularities after 6 months. I'm in the same boat, thankfully I was diagnosed at the start of my TTC journey so I have that in my mind. I'm still however waiting for my thyroid appointment. (Since October) 😕

The pill is evil!!! I'm on CD29 but waiting for AF as we held off this cycle as I'm having an MRI scan next weekend.

happybus28 Mon 26-Dec-16 14:31:56

Hi mouse yes my GP did say thyroid problems can be a cause of irregular cycles but i didn't know if I'd have other symptoms of a thyroid problem? Suppose I'll find out soon enough. That's a long time for you to wait for a appointment isn't it!! I hope it comes soon for you.

MouseLove Mon 26-Dec-16 14:35:43

I have absolutely no symptom for my hyperthyroidism. If anything I'm the opposite in the symptoms lol. I mean, id take the rapid weight loss 😂 Its obviously not severe enough for them to rush my appointment.

I went to the docs originally with joint pain and back problems. In the mean time since my bloods I've had X-rays on my knees, seen a rheumatologist, got my appointment for my MRI scan and got my follow up appointment sorted for February. Lol

Tinkerbell2319 Mon 26-Dec-16 23:20:35

I haven't had my blood test yet, I've got to book it in soon for CD21 happybus

Mine isn't pill related just always been irregular - last cycle was 46 days :C but then a couple of months ago had one that was 26 it's bizarre

LittlelottieO Mon 26-Dec-16 23:37:30

I had really long cycles when I came off the mini pill 45-60 days long. So difficult to know when in the month to try! I spent a fortune on ovulation testing kits!
I then tried acupuncture to regulate my cycles.
It was such an interesting process and made me feel great plus It worked! My cycles became shorter, and I now have a 11 month old baby girl.
Maybe worth a try as well as going down the normal medical route.
Good luck, and I hope your cycles regulate soon smile

happybus28 Mon 26-Dec-16 23:49:31

It is bizarre isn't it tinkerbell mine have been between 40-50 days since coming off with 1 29 day chucked in there to confuse me. Currently on my longest one yet on CD65! Hope you get some answers from your blood tests.

lottie it is hard to try when you've no idea when the right time is isn't it. Interesting about the acupuncture I might have a look into that.

Acornacorn Tue 27-Dec-16 17:11:00

Hmm I went to the doctors a few weeks ago about my long cycles since coming off the pill (40-45 days roughly) and he fobbed me off. Told me there's nothing he can test for...hmmm....

happybus28 Tue 27-Dec-16 17:29:05

How long have you been off the pill acorn? Ive been off 7 months and been sent for bloods to check all my hormone levels (LH, FSH, OEST, PROL) and also my thyroid.

Acornacorn Tue 27-Dec-16 18:09:14

I've been off it since February so ten months now. (Only started TTC this month, though)

happybus28 Tue 27-Dec-16 18:31:32

Hmmm I would have thought they should do something by this point then, maybe try and see a different GP? I think mine is more concerned as I haven't had AF for 8 weeks now with no indication as to why. If your cycles are long but regular then that might be why they aren't doing anything.

Acornacorn Tue 27-Dec-16 20:22:00

Thanks for the advice, Happy.

Chazzy16 Mon 02-Jan-17 09:28:54

I am having similar issues currently, I have been on microgynon/ rigevidon (excuse spellings) for 6 years on and off- after aura migraines I was moved onto cerelle/ nacrez mini pill. I had been on this pill for around a year and decided it was not for me. I'm getting married in June and we're hoping to start TTC/ stop using contraception afterwards so coming off the pill to get my cycles back to normal. The problem now is very long/ irregular cycles which I've experienced for the last 4 months.... which I have never had a problem with before, I'm currently on CD 34 so hoping my period arrives shortly! Previous to this I I had some very light spotting on CD 28 for about an hour. I've taken a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative (Its unlikely I'm pregnant as we are using condoms for the 'finish line' sorry TMI) however not impossible I suppose... has anybody else experienced similar issues with cerelle/ nacrez? How long did it take for your cycles to get back to normal if ever??

Bows85 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:36:13

I realise this is an old-ish thread but wondered if anyone who was on here originally has any updates on your ttc attempts? A lot of your experiences are ringing true with me so just wanting to hear if there's been any developments!

Thanks smile

littleemma1 Mon 17-Apr-17 00:34:36

Hi all
I'm currently having irregular cycles. On CD 52 with no sign of AF. Came off the pill December 2016 and had my usual withdrawal bleed and then 2 periods since then, 1st was 6 weeks long and 2nd was 5 weeks long.
I'm now 16 days late for my projected AF based on ovulation, have had negative urine and blood pregnancy tests from GP now so I'm being sent for an ultrasound (were technically not using protection as using the withdrawal method hence the tests)
I have bad bad cramp pains like period pains both in my lower abdomen and back but no sign of AF. Really hope there's no serious underlying issue when I go for the scan as will be starting to officially TTC soon xxx

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