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Clear blue digital - when should it move to 2 - 3 weeks?

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2plus1plusL1 Sat 24-Dec-16 15:04:01

I've got a history of chemical pregnancies and get the 1 - 2 week on the clear blue but seem to struggle to get to the 2 - 3 week. I want to manage my expectations and do a bit of self preservation!
My period is due tomorrow and I've got the 1 - 2 week but when should I get the 2 - 3 on the test?

badg3r Sat 24-Dec-16 15:17:43

After you have missed your period so probably still up early. Two weeks on clear blue is four weeks since the start of your last period (two weeks since ovulation).

MoonlightMojitos Sat 24-Dec-16 17:35:14

Put the tests down! Clearblue digis are notoriously unaccurate and you will drive yourself mad. I'm sorry for what you've been through but stressing about this one won't help (I've had a mc myself and have been very anxious with this pregnancy). A positive is a positive and you are pregnant, congratulations!

I got a BFP in September (2-3 weeks on a digi) and ended up in hospital the next morning for a scan due to pain and there was a baby with a heartbeat already (which there shouldn't have been going by the digi result of only 4-5weeks pregnant). I didn't bother testing again after that knowing they're obviously not very good. I'd also done a cheapy which was still squinty so they honestly don't tell you anything about how things are in there. I'm now 17 weeks. Good luck!

haveacupoftea Sat 24-Dec-16 18:00:18

How longs a piece of string? Think I had mine between 5-6 weeks (from LMP) but some people never get them - as mojitos says, they're notoriously unreliable.

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