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Short cycle - should I be concerned?

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Usernamegone Sat 24-Dec-16 12:20:29

Since coming off the pill in the summer to ttc I have been having light periods and short cycles. Pre-going on the pill my cycle was extremely regular at 29 days and bled for 5 days (3 days needing a tampon, 2 days very light/spotting). Last cycle was 25 days and I have been having 1 maybe 2 days of bleeding at most. Should I be worried or not?

MouseLove Sat 24-Dec-16 20:05:54

Not worried. It's perfectly normal for up to 12 months coming off the pill. You're just dipping until the normal. Are you temping at all? I would guess that you are not ovulating. I have had the same last cycle. This cycle however today is CD27. FX that it settles soon for you to increase your chances of a successful TTC outcome. X

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