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Vitex agnus castus

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calimommy Sat 24-Dec-16 01:55:00

I'm posting this in two threads, new to momsnet and not entirely sure how it works.

I'm looking for other experiences with Vitex agnus castus / chaste berry.

i have had serious pain in the butt spotting for months ever since I finished up feeding my second baby (maybe 6days of the month no bleeding of some kind). Prior to stopping feeding my cycles were regular 28-day things, started back at 22weeks pp despite EBF. I tried a month of the pill to see if that would sort me, no good. A friend suggested AC. I started it at what would have been towards the end of a cycle (when I was spotting anyway). Then around the day AF was due we had unprotected sex because I thought we were in the clear zone, but then the next day or two I felt like I was ovulating. Now here I am still no period and had a tiny tiny spot today which would be right if it was implantation spotting. (I've had 4 other pregnancies and always get an implantation bleed).

My question: anyone start AC and find it changed their cycle? I'm wondering if it kick started a new cycle early and I ovulated when I should have gotten AF.

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