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user1471496670 Fri 23-Dec-16 09:59:18

So...I should have ovulated around a week ago. We had sex every day during my fertile period, my boobs are extremely sore, I had lots of cramp last night and now blood streaked (pink at first, now brown) cervical fluid this morning and am very wet.

Does this sound like implantation? I've never had any spotting before mid cycle.

physicskate Fri 23-Dec-16 12:03:15

Might be... The only way to know is to take a test in a few days. IB happens in about 30% of pregnancies.

user1471496670 Fri 23-Dec-16 14:20:42

It's going to be a very long 5 days! Lol! Luckily Christmas should keep me distracted!

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