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Bubblegum89 Thu 22-Dec-16 22:37:38

I'm CD9 and usually have a 28 day cycle. I'm attempting to start charting (not doing my BBT at the min) but I've ordered some OPK's and I'm tracking on an app also but I'm so new to all of this!

For the last few days, my CM has been watery. So much so, yesterday I thought I'd wet myself! If I touch it with my fingers, it's not stretchy like EWCM which I believe is the most fertile CM? My app says my fertile days start in 3 days and I should be ovulating on Wednesday.

Does this sound about right? I'm such a newbie and have so many stupid questions confused

MouseLove Thu 22-Dec-16 23:44:36

Don't trust apps. The only really way to see if you're ovulating is for a temp spike and a positive test. OPK are only an indicator. Ideally you need to be temping from the beginning of your cycle so you can get a good base line and so you can get into a habit. I'll assuming you know how to correctly temp? Temping will only tell you when/if you ovulate around 3 days AFTER the event. So great if you have irregular or uncertain cycles and know you might be TTC for a while.

Cm, watery is completely normal. It will become stretchy and like glue when it's fertile.

Bubblegum89 Thu 22-Dec-16 23:49:41

I have no idea how to temp!

Alibaba2 Fri 23-Dec-16 07:59:49

You have to take your temp orally with a bbt thermometer (available from chemist or online). Try to take temp at similar time when you wake before you even lift your head. Tricky for me as sometimes go to loo during the night and wake up at all different times. But I see a temp rise which confirms ov.

Good luck!

OfficerMeowMeowFuzzyface Fri 23-Dec-16 08:23:25

I wouldn't describe fertile CM as 'like glue' - they normally say 'egg whites' and that's closer for me. There are photos online (Google but I think on Babycentre), of different kinds of CM, courtesy of some kind but oversharing soul...

MouseLove Fri 23-Dec-16 08:32:58

Egg whites and clear glue are pretty much exactly the same. But not everyone has fondled an egg. Lol

I think you could spend a few cycles getting to know your body, know when you ovulate and then go from there. Less stress.

Bubblegum89 Fri 23-Dec-16 08:57:22

Thanks all. Just trying to kind of go with it at the minute! I've got a pretty clear idea of when I ovulate due to having regular cycles in the past but just want to make sure I'm getting it 100% right. I'm guessing you need a special type of thermometer for BBT?

I haven't had egg white or glue consistency yet, just watery. I've been looking online at CM but tbh it's too confusing. Some places say watery CM is fertile, some say EWCM is fertile, others are saying other things. I don't really know what's what lol

Alibaba2 Fri 23-Dec-16 09:08:05

Watery comes before ewcm and is fertile but not as fertile as ewcm.

Yes it's a bbt thermometer with 2 decimal places - buy online or at chemist.

Bubblegum89 Fri 23-Dec-16 09:26:23

Thanks I'll take a look online smile

I've been pregnant twice, conceived both times fairly easily about 2-3 cycles after coming off bc (wasn't charting or anything either of those times) but I've got a feeling it's not going to be quite so easy this time...

Alibaba2 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:04:42

You never know, you might be surprised. Hope 2017 is lucky for us both smile

Bubblegum89 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:59:06

I hope so. I feel like I've been too lucky already! But fingers crossed 2017 is a good year for us all smile

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